Francesco Franco

Francesco Franco has been Assistant Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics since 2004. He earned his PhD in Economics from the Massachussets Institute of Technology. His research interests include fluctuations and applied macroeconomics, topics on which he has published in Portuguese and international journals. In 2011 Francesco Franco became head of macroeconomics a Novafrica, a knowledge center on Africa based in Nova SBE. From October 2013 to June 2014 he became a member for a resident panel on European affairs for the Ministry of foreign affairs in Portugal. In 2016 Francesco Franco became a director of Jefferson Institute of Public Policy, a Portuguese think tank, and in May 2017 he became a member of the Portuguese Statistical Council.

He is referee of various journals, among which the American Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, Applied Economics and the Journal of the European Economic Association.

Featured Projects

Orçamento, Economia e Democracia: uma Proposta de Arquitectura Institucional

July 10, 2018 Francesco Franco, José Tavares Author/Coordinator

The Impact of the Insurance Sector on the Portuguese Economy

August 7, 2017 Francesco Franco Author/Coordinator

Research Papers

Internal and External Rebalancing for Euro Area Members

October 11, 2016 Francesco Franco Author/Coordinator

De-leveraging through Fiscal Consolidation, the Case of Portugal

September 17, 2013 Francesco Franco Author/Coordinator

External Rebalancing in the EMU, the Case of Portugal

May 14, 2013 Francesco Franco Author/Coordinator