Pedro Brinca


Pedro Brinca

Pedro Brinca currently holds a position as an Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at NovaSBE and teaches Macroeconomics in the BSc’s in Economics and Business Administration. He is also affiliated as a researcher at the Center for Economics and Finance (CEF.UP) at the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto, under a research grant for post-doctoral studies from the Foundation for Science and Technology.
Previously Pedro has been a Jean Monet Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies – European University Institute, Lecturer at Stockholm University, a visiting student at the University of Minnesota, University of Porto and research intern at the European  Central Bank.

He is primarily interested in macroeconomics, business cycle fluctuations and economic policy. I also maintain an active interest in quantitative methods and applications, both in economics and biostatistics.

Featured Projects

O impacto do IRC na economia Portuguesa

November 27, 2020 Pedro Brinca Author/Coordinator

Research Papers

Measuring Labor Supply and Demand Shocks during COVID-19

December 9, 2021 João Duarte, Pedro Brinca Author/Coordinator

Fiscal consolidation programs and income inequality

September 19, 2020 Francesco Franco, Pedro Brinca, Miguel Ferreira Author/Coordinator